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Decent Tex-Mex
All right, it's a chain, but it's a smaller chain, so somehow I feel less dirty about eating here...and finding it "not bad." I'm an enchilada fan, and the crawfish and spinach enchiladas are my two favorite things here. Ninfaritas are yummy. The kinda warm (physically, not spicy-y) salsa and the different chips (I think they might be flour tortilla based or something?) that come with the queso are a little different than most Tex-Mex places, but still good. Never fear, they still bring out the normal corn tortilla chips with the salsa if you find the flaky ones a bit strange.

Overall, though, Ninfa's never really seems like a place I'd go out of my way to go to, even though it's not bad. Maybe it's the location. It's near Baylor, but it's always stuffed to capacity to the point where I'd almost rather go to a roach coach for my Mexican fix. Because it's usually busy, the service always just seems okay, like I feel for the waiters for having such a huge room to keep happy. It's loud, and the pretty high ceilings and exposed brick walls only exacerbate that. By the time I find a parking spot at prime Ninfa's time, I'm angry with the universe for not quickly pointing out a holy oasis for my car with curbs and grass on all sides that'd prevent it from getting nudged by other Baylor kids.