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Papa Bears


Another cool hole-in-the-wall!
Barbeque...well that elicits all kinds of varying opinions. And not to be outdone, I am quite verbal about my taste in the art of slow smoking a hunk of meat!
My first preference, after 20 years in the area, is sadly 30 some miles to the west in Clifton...However, we don't get there often and the price of gas makes it a 'just gotta have or I'll die' trip out of it. So, a few years ago I discovered Papa Bears. It is a definite second for me!
Today I 'dined' (explanation of surroundings to follow food review) on Papa's friday (every Friday, ONLY on Friday) special...smoked brisket, sausage and RIBS!!! This was accompanied by a mound of his house-made mashed tater salad, and a small bowl of house-made pinto beans. All for $6.50! The rib (1 large) was yummy and not over smoked, the brisket was the same and the sausage had a good kick of spice...maybe a bit too much for the timid palate.
They serve you a seperate bowl of his BBQ sauce for drizzlin', dippin' or downright drownin'! All of it comparable, and maybe a bit better than the chain on I-35, without the larger cost.
It is a dive at most, simple old laminate top tables and cheap chairs. Food is served on older melamine ovals with real forks and knives, Decor is truckstop, meet yer buddy for lunch kinda place and Papa, will call you by name if you come often enough.
He also caters and we have used his services at our is always good. Have had his smoked chicken, turkey and THE best prime rib to ever grace a smoker, yummo!
If you do go on a friday for lunch, get there early as today, the brisket ran out by 1pm. We got the last, ha, ha!