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D's Chicken Delight / Mediterranean Grill


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I admit. I am a fan of mediterranian food. Introduced to it at the tender age of 16, I have looked for it in every place I go...lo and behold, there is some in Waco! Now admittedly it is Lebanese, not Greek, but they are similar in some things. I find the cucumber yogurt 'salad' D-lightful, even if it really is cucumbers in yogurt/dill sauce and NOT a salad. I love to dip the pita in it after I eat all the cukes! I also am a fan of dolmades, but at D's they call them stuffed grape leaves. Not cute to look at but packed with rice and meat and rolled up. (greek version of our cabbage roll)The spanikopita (phillo dough layered with spinach mixture and baked) is a piece of heaven.
Took a greek friend there recently and it was given 'good' marks (seeing it was really Lebanese) but bad marks for price for amount of food. I do agree is pricey, but it is a one horse show for this town. I hear 1424 serves some greek, so we will venture there and compare!! Stay tuned!