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Poppa Rollo's

Vanilla Briceby

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Service by sundial
It's been several years since I've ventured into Poppa Rollo's, partially because I never once had a good dining experience there. I know so many Wacoans consider it a local institution, but I think they're delusional. The pizza is OK, but it's certainly not good enough to overcome the agonizingly awful service. In probably half a dozen trips to PR's, I doubt I ever waited for less than 45 minutes for a pie.

And what's with the nonstop Little Rascals marathon? It may seem kitschy once, but after a while you'd prefer the owners to change the channel to something from the 21st Century.

If you truly want the best pizza in town -- and you don't want to wait until tomorrow before it arrives -- bypass Poppa Rollo's and head over to Rosati's instead.