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Cancer Cowboyby

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George's is still the best in town at what it does.
George's is a mainline, old-school Texas eatery. The type of place that you went to with your grandparents when you visited them in whatever small Texas town they resided. What they do is very basic. It is fried and reasonably priced. Their burgers are great; greasy, thick, meaty, and tasty. Upstairs is for families, the Big-O deck is for hanging out with your friends, watching the game, and having a Big-O of Shiner Bock beer. Do not mess with their mixed drinks, they have no idea what they are doing with those. Saturday night you can hear some fun live music.

I have no idea why anyone wanting this type of food would go anywhere else in Waco. Hooters food is awful, the Salty Dog is awful and Buffalo Wild Wings is awful. George's has been doing this since the 1930s, and will outlast the others.