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Nothin' like getting crunk on some appletinis (just like JD!)
I only like drinking martinis every once in awhile. They aren't my favorite drink, and they don't make me feel classy, necessarily. But, there is something about recessed lighting, light piano jazz, and sliders at the ready that make me want to drink a caramel appletini or two (literally, OR TWO. More than that makes me woozy). If you're thinking about laying out some cash for some steak, I know (from experience when my parents are in town) that the steak lives up to its reputation. Plus, I ordered asparagus with it that time, and I was pleasantly surprised at their buttery crunchiness.

Another great appetizer to enjoy with half off on the day of the martinis is the spinach dip. Okay, I'm kind of hungry now. Good job, Diamondbacks!