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Nice ambience, always busy
I like Trojan's, but it always seems busy and crowded. If you show up around 9:30, you can easily get a table or seats at the bar, but if you go too much later, you'll be hard pressed to find seats. They at one point had a pretty awesome happy hour, but I'm not sure if they still continue it. They do have drink specials that are good and pretty reasonably priced on a daily basis.

Crowded and Long Wait for Drinks
I love the look of this little baby bar, but seriously, I cannot body surf every time to get a drink. Ok, not really, but it is extremely difficult to get around in this bar. Usually all the chairs/tables are taken and there is NO ROOM at the bar to even attempt to get a drink.

They're famous for their fish bowl drink (which comes in a fish bowl) and God knows what is in it.

I'd rather go somewhere a little more chill. Somewhere where people aren't making out two inches from my face.

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