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Terry & Jo's Food For Thought

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Two words
Chicken Nachos!!!

Employees are fine. Terry & Jo are great. All the Baylor brats complaining about rudeness, etc. I've watched on multiple occasions the customer responding more inappropriate than the worker.

It might take a while to make, but it's fresh. Overall, great place.

Something different for wako
Food is mediocre, maybe. They try too hard for the healthy hippie atmosphere, and the employees are dismissive and rude during the lunch hour an hit or miss during the dinner hours. But some days there as some very friendly employees you can run into maybe once a week early on. The pizza isn't bad, but most of the sandwiches are something I regret not making at home, as they are overpriced for what you get. Thou the Nachos and Cheesy avocados are Amazing. No longer doing a smoothie happy hour, but you can atleast order a pizza for lunch if you love pizza. Burritos are slightly small, however it does come with chips and salsa which do make it a full filling dish.

High Price, but Good Food
I had a sandwich with chips and both tasted fine to solid, but were overpriced.

Where Carnivores and Herbivores can meet and eat
I love this little place tucked in the outskirts of Baylor campus. It's a local joint where everyone can find something they love. The salsa is fresh, homemade, and delicious while being served with tasty blue corn chips. I prefer the mini pizzas, especially the Greek ones. I've been told their shakes/smoothies are good, but have yet to try them. Oh, and there's extra parking in the back that they share with Dancing Bear Pub.

Yummy yes, healthy- I don't know
Not quite sure if nachos and pizza are healthy (since that is what the majority of reviews are focusing on), but man are they good. The nacho mama is delicious. It was one of the first things I ate when I moved to Waco, and therefore has a special place in my heart. I love the pizzas. I once asked for artichokes and got avocados, which turned out to be a surprisingly good pizza addition. Their smoothies are also quite tasty.

I can't really comment on staff or ambiance, since most often I enjoy their food over at the Dancing Bear.

In a word: "fresh."
Everything here seems fresh and healthy. The salads, the pizzas, the sandwiches--all of it is simply wonderful. Best of all, they have feta cheese. I love feta on a pizza.

It all tastes like the good stuff, too. I typically hate tomatoes because most of the tomatoes that people use now have had all of the flavor processed out of them somehow. Tomatoes end up being bland, mushy abominations that I want nowhere near my mouth.

I eat tomatoes on Terry and Jo's margherita pizza here. Willingly. They're tart and robust, unlike tomatoes at pretty much every other restaurant out there.

I think the hippies have the right idea on this sort of stuff: the food that's actually good for you tastes better.

Try the flavored ice tea, too. It's spectacular.

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can i get avocado on that?
pb pie, oh my
i need a veggie pizza
hippie food tastes good

grungeXcore employees + veggie food = delicious, actually
You know what I love about Food for Thought? Its employees. Seriously. I mean, where else can you be served by someone with white boy dreads whom you silently ponder how they keep their weave out of your treats? I love it. It's sort of like adventure dining -- you put your stomach at risk whenever you eat there, and that's a risk I wanna take.

There are so many solid choices - black bean burrito, nacho mama, marghertia pizza, tank, chicken salad sandwich...all are delectable, depending on your mood. The only sassy thing I would have to say about FFT is that what I order is not always consistent: I had an incredible margherita pizza last week (thank you, Jesse), but sometimes they aren't quite as good (and by good, I mean melted). It kinda varies. BUT, AGAIN, that's part of the experience.

Great Veg and conscious Omni options
I go here a couple times a month. They have really good options for vegetarians and conscious omnivores.
Their pizza is not the best, but the majority of the workers are nice and take care of you.

favorite item: The Californian

Fresh, healthy favoritte
Food for Thought is one of Waco's few options for vegetarians, but still has offerings for meat-eaters. Their vegetarian burrito is one of my favorites, but it's best to order when dining in, because the tortilla can get soggy in transit. Their smoothies are also good, but are really only a value during their happy hour.

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