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Extremely poor service and experience-repeatedly
We have been to many BW3's in many different cities and really like it as a chain. But the Waco location is terrible and extremely inconsistent with the corporate brand. We have been here 5 times, trying to give it more chances to impress. But every time the service is extremely slow (45+ minutes for simple orders). The servers never really seem to know what they are doing and have never apologized for the delays we have experienced every time. This is our last visit!

Overall Good
Walking though Buffalo Wild Wings the restaurant seemed like a place to just relax. The restaurant has dim lighting and music playing along with the TV’s going for an ideal relaxing environment. The big screens on the wall were entertaining for watching any sporting event. I ordered berry lemonade and soft pretzels as an appetizer. The appetizer tasted very good because the pretzels were warm. The soft pretzels tasted even better with a zesty cheese dip which came with them. I ordered ribs and wings which come with fries. I was not too impressed with the ribs. They were burned, and I could not taste much except for a bland flavor. The teriyaki wings did not have a lot of sauce on the wings, but still the flavor of teriyaki was overwhelming. I was not able to finish a full wing at a time because of the overpowering flavor. Next, the French fries were ordinary. The fries did not taste bad but I could eat plain fries anywhere. The best part to me was honestly the berry lemonade. It was so good. The fresh taste of berry and just the right amount of lemon flavor was so delicious. I enjoyed my first experience at Buffalo Wild Wings. I do not really see myself becoming a regular customer because the atmosphere while appealing to some is not something I am interested in. With that being said, I would not discourage any one from eating at Buffalo Wild Wings especially if the person would enjoy the environment of food and watching sports on big screen TV’s.
Kayla Uby

Brusting Batter of Wing Flavor!
Buffalo Wild Wings is by far my new favorite place to get wings from! When I first bit down into my mild flavored wing for the first time the flavor shot into every corner of my mouth. The batter was full of flavor the wings didn't need to be drenched in sauce in order to taste the flavor like every other restaurant that serves wings. If you like to watch male sports, beer, and of course eat delicious flavored wings then I would recommend Buffalo Wild Wings!

BWW has the worst the world. The thicker fried coating reminded me of Whataburger's chicken tenders, which works on a stand-alone tender, but on a sauced wing? Goodness, no. I want to taste more sauce than fry batter, and unfortunately, they scrimped on the sauce, too. I want my hands to burn with sticky, messy, delicious goo when I'm done with my wings, and they didn't here.

The service was painfully slow. The only saving grace of this place is the fact that they've got huge television screens everywhere. That's great for watching games if you can manage to get a spot in front of the right one.

Lots of Great Flavors
Great wings and ribs! I love their selection of wing sauces.

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