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Wako Roll

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I have not been here since they opened so I'm not sure when these went on the menu, but their tacos are spectacular!

I had the Bulgogi tacos. Nice! 2 tacos were plenty to fill me up and they had such a great flavor! I will definitely be back soon to try the other flavors!

Thumbs-up from the kids
I took my five boys to Wako Roll for dinner, and they gave it a tie for 1st Place among their favorite restaurants. Four of them are sushi fanatics, and they enjoyed the Spicy California Roll and Crab Stick Tempura Roll. The non-sushi-fan had two Galbee tacos and scarfed them down. I enjoyed the Bulgogi Jeongsik wrapped in lettuce, which was scrumptious. I was not a huge fan of the black rice, but I liked it better than white rice. Anyway, I figured any place with thumbs-up from all of the kids was worth writing another review!

Love the chop chae side
It's not on the menu, but did you know you can order the Korean sides separately? He doesn't always have it, but I LOVE the chop chae side (glass noodles). The sides are very reasonably priced, and I sometimes go just to eat several sides of the chop chae.

Seaweed salad is scrumptious
I tried the seaweed salad because I felt adventuresome, and it was terrific! The salad is served cold and consists of seaweed strands with shreds of radish. It is not spicy. It actually reminds me of a delicious cold noodle dish called "liang pi" that I haven't found this side of the Pacific Ocean since I visited Chinatown in Seattle several years ago. It is definitely a side dish that I will be ordering again!

not so fresh
After getting sick a second time at Waco's new "sushi" restaurant, Waco Roll, I had suspicions that they were using MSG which I am allergic to and is well, it's just not that good for you. After talking to the Wako Roll this morning it is confirmed, they do use MSG. They also use crab sticks, cod died as crab, in their crab rolls (except for the fried claws in the spider roll.) So, just to give you a heads up, Waco Roll might not be the best choice if you are not a MSG fan.

Again, I wish Waco could grasp the concept of fresh no preservatives dining. The upside, it's made me appreciate cooking at home lot more!

Korean foods, spiced down, but still very tasty.
I got the spicy pork bulgogi, and while it was very good, it was hardly spicy.
I enjoyed the kimchi was also tasty, it too was lacking in spice. I know there are many concerned about the spice, even inquiring to get 'not spicy' when ordering, but the food even when claiming spicy, is not spicy at all. The overall flavors were enjoyable, and diverse. The crispy fried tofu was a nice little expected touch for the dine in bulgogi meal. The extra sauce, was also not spicy, so I ended up wanting more spice level all around, but left overly full, and having had an enjoyable meal.

I also got a spicy tuna roll, as it is a real pleasure when I get a spicy tuna roll that is really having the defining word 'spicy'. So it failed by that regard, and generally the tuna was over minced as well making it a bit mushy in texture. It was near closing, I will let this slide once!

I'd like to see a Wasabi Salad on the menu, it is super easy to make, cheap, and a great appetizer, I asked if they had that and got blank stares. They have everything there to make it, already, so it would be a no-brainer to serve even on request!

one minor complaint that I had, but no one to really mention it to, would be that it smells like a drain vent is gone stray near the soda fountain, WHEW!

authentic Korean food
I am so happy this restaurant opened. The Korean food is comparable to what I have had in California, with one exception: It's not as spicy as other Korean food I've had. Perhaps this is the owners catering to American taste buds (Korean food is very very spicy!), but since we're in Texas, I think they can be a little less cautious. They do bring out hot sauce with every meal, so the customers can season to their taste.

Really good, authentic, fresh food. The black rice is fantastic, and the seafood tofu stew is perfect for the cold, rainy days we've been having.

Best Sushi In Town. Great Korean Food.
When heard about Wako Roll, I was nervous about trying it. I'm a bit of a sushi snob - not completely, but I have higher standards than most of the people I know in the area. Wako Roll is owned by the same people that did Teriyaki Park downtown, and I don't like the "sushi" there. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of Sushi and Korean food at Wako Roll, though. It is easily the best sushi in town.

I had a Shrimp Tempura roll, Eel and pepper Tuna. They were all outstandingly good. The rice was warm - just warm enough, the way it should be. It was soft and chewy, and had just enough sushi vinegar to give the proper taste and texture. The quality of the seafood on the Nigiri was also excellent.

The eel was cooked perfectly - obviously cooked, but not charred and dry. It was flavorful, and had the right texture. Again, it was just warm, the way it should be. The pepper tuna was seared and then coated with peper, served cold. It was excellent as well. There was enough pepper to get a good flavor, but not so much that it overpowered everything else. The tempura roll was likely the best I've had in Texas. The shrimp tempura was crunchy without being overcooked and without being fresh-out-of-the-frier hot.

My wife got a bibimbap, which is basically a bowl of Korean style vegetables, with an egg, on top of some rice. She got the "black rice" with it. All of it was wonderful. It was a great mixture of flavors and textures, with a sunny-side-up egg to bring it all together.

I have high hopes for Wako Roll, at this point. If they can continue to maintain the quality of food that I had today, then I'm sure to become a regular around the restaurant.

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