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WacoFork Club Restaurants - Home Grown Farm

August 19, 2016 | Cory Webb | Profiles
WacoFork Club Restaurants - Home Grown Farm
WacoFork is supported by the WacoFork Club. With the WacoFork Club, you can save tons of money with exclusive deals at local restaurants while supporting local non-profit organizations!

Ok, you caught us again. This next participating "restaurant" in the WacoFork Club is also not a "restaurant." It's actually a farm! The Home Grown Farm, to be exact. And guess what. This is the last in our list of the original 21 WacoFork Club participating restaurants! But you can bet that we'll be adding more to the list very soon.

The Home Grown Farm is a small family farm in Gholson, Texas that has been years in the making. It started as hobby which has grown into passion for locally, naturally home grown produce and eggs. This passion has motivated the creation of The Home Grown Farm. Their desire is to provide the most healthy, naturally grown food at prices any family can afford.

Just in time for Saturday's Waco Downtown Farmers Market, The Home Grown Farm is offering a couple of deals for WacoFork Club members. You can either get $2 off a dozen eggs or 10% off your entire purchase at the Farmers Market. Those are some crazy good deals.

I keep saying that joining the WacoFork Club is a no-brainer and just basic math, and these deals are a perfect example. Let's just do some quick math. There are 52 Saturdays in a year, and the Farmers Market happens every Saturday. Let's say you go to the Farmers Market and buy a dozen eggs from The Home Grown Farm with the WacoFork Club discount every Saturday. Ok, here comes the math...

  • WacoFork Club Membership = $30/year
  • 52 weeks/year * $2 savings/week = $104 savings/year
  • $104 savings - $30 membership fee = $74 in your pocket!

So, with just this one deal, the WacoFork Club could potentially keep an extra $74 in your pocket every year. Let me say it again for those who weren't listenting. With just one of the many deals in the WacoFork Club, you could keep an extra $74 per year in your pocket all while supporting a good cause!

One more bite
The Home Grown Farm is hosting their first ever farm-to-table dinner at the farm on September 10 with Chef Juanita Barrientos of Happy Harvest. The dinner includes wine from The Kissing Tree Vineyard and entertainment from The Union Revival. Learn more and get your tickets at