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Old Chicago coming to CTMP

July 13, 2016 | Chad Conine | Latest News
Old Chicago coming to CTMP

Back in the spring, the Trib reported that Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom has acquired a building permit for a location in Central Texas Marketplace. This came to my attention recently when a friend asked what Old Chicago was and why we were getting one.

I have a little experience with Old Chicago as it's a popular chain in the Midwest and I've found myself making frequent excursions into the heartland the last couple of years. When my dad and I stayed in Lincoln, Nebraska, during the 2014 College World Series, there was an Old Chicago restaurant across the street from our hotel in Lincoln's Haymarket District. We ate there once and then I returned to it to have a beer and watch the World Cup Final. As for my friend's query, it's actually a pizza and beer joint that originated in Colorado. I'm sure the creators had some sort of tie to Chicago, but that information wasn't readily available on the restaurant's website. And why are we getting one? Probably for the same reason we're getting a lot of things these days.

Speaking as a person who wears a Cubs hat and has adopted Chicago as my own personal big American city (i.e., I prefer it to New York or Los Angeles), I endorse just about anything with Chicago in the name. Except for Chicago the band. I think they're the epitome of lameness.

Therefore, I think Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom will be a fun new option to suggest in a group. However, it remains to be seen whether it will bring something unique to our restaurant scene that's not already well covered by Poppa Rollo's, Rosati's, Bubba's 33, BJ's Brewhouse, et al.