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New coffee shop Dichotomy pours into Waco Downtown Farmers Market

May 7, 2012 | Chad Conine | Latest News
New coffee shop Dichotomy pours into Waco Downtown Farmers Market
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A new local coffee shop has begun percolating.

(See what I did there? See? I used a coffee term which makes you think of coffee beginning to brew, only I used it as a metaphor for a coffee shop taking shape. Brilliant! Or maybe I'm a hack. You decide.)

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits served customers for the first time Saturday at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market. Brett Jameson and Alina Mikos have launched this venture, which will bring a new upscale coffee establishment to Waco along with liqour, wine and beer, which as far as I know does not currently exist in or town. (Reader's note: Jameson explained to me what "third-wave" means. First wave is Folgers and instant coffee; second wave is Starbucks fare and third wave is another step up in terms of coffee beans and approach to brewing).

Jameson and Mikos plan to open the coffee shop downtown, though they're still working on the exact location. When it arrives, it will feature high quality coffee as Jameson employs keen taste buds for the best coffee and best brewing techniques. Mikos, a recent import to Waco from Los Angeles, is learning our town as she prepares to make the Spirits side of Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits kick.

Some local coffee aficionados took a first taste of Dichotomy on Saturday and gave it good marks. For those who missed it, not to worry, Dichotomy plans to be a regular at the farmers market.

I've known Jameson for a while. He's my go-to friend when it comes to coffee expertise. I think he loves coffee as much as I love football and golf. Possibly more. This is good news for Waco coffee fans, because Jameson is consumed with making coffee taste as good as it possibly can, which means he's into the scientific process of making great coffee.

When we were discussing third-wave coffee he described it as "treating coffee more like wine." I can look forward to drinking coffee at a coffee shop where the proprietor thinks like that.