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Fried-day: Sam's Southern Eatery

January 10, 2014 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Fried-day: Sam's Southern Eatery
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A couple of years ago, I decided Friday should be Fried-day and I set about writing about our town's best fried food on Friday's.

It was a flawed plan because it's difficult to dine out as much as I do in writing this blog and stay relatively healthy and then throw a weekly meal of decadent fried food on top of it. Still, there's room for a fried-day every now and then.

Enter Sam's Southern Eatery, which opened on Waco Drive in the location that was most recently Cancun and, I'm told, used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I first ventured to Sam's when my buddy Giles, who does my yard for me, wanted it for lunch. So we were riding back to my house and I bummed one of his shrimp and it was awesome.

At that moment, I decided to reinstate Fried-day at least once for the sake of having an excuse to scarf some more shrimp and chicken wings from Sam's.

I dined there this week with Dustin Payne, who will be joining the WacoFork team as an intern this spring. He informed me that Sam's is a chain based out of Shreveport, La. That was news to me as I previously assumed Sam's was as local as it feels. The homespun decor in the place screams local. But Payne was right. It's a chain. So he's already pulling his weight.

Speaking of weight, I've really got to show some self-discipline here because Sam's isn't far from my house and their wings are prepared just like I like them. I hear the po' boys are fantastic as well.