byAdrienne, December 3, 2012
Clay Pot
Great family owned restaurant near Baylor. They've recently added a nice selection of beer and wine to go with their amazing food. Some of my favorites are the curry clay pot, fried rice, the Pho, garlic chicken, the dumplings and their spring rolls! There is something on the menu for everyone. Their portions are generous and the prices are great. Also Tuesday is buy one get one spring rolls - I get in trouble on Tuesdays! :)
byAdrienne, December 1, 2012
The Olive Branch
A few locations (and years) ago I would have given this 5 stars. I'd eat there often and was always impressed the food was fresh and the service was great. After moving out of state and returning recently we were excited to visit their new spot at 2nd and Franklin and I have to say I was really disappointed. We went for lunch and it was really busy so the service was a little slow but that didn't bother me. My issue is that the food seems like it's no longer as homemade as it used to be.

I ordered the chicken pesto sandwich, which is what I used to order all the time. I remember it being a hot fresh breast of chicken with just the right amount of pesto and mayo. This time it tasted like the bagged frozen chicken strips that were nuked in a microwave for 2 minutes too long. The pesto and mayo oozed out of the sandwich. Needless to say I didn't finish the sandwich. To OB's credit I will say their baked goods are still as tasty as I remember but from now on that's all I'll be stopping in for.
byAdrienne, December 1, 2012
Their bread is to die for. Even when it's packed they get your food out quickly, and it's always fresh. I'm getting hungry for it just typing the review. I always get the turkey with cheddar on their original bread of course...soooooo good!