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Best sandwich shop in town
Their bread is to die for. Even when it's packed they get your food out quickly, and it's always fresh. I'm getting hungry for it just typing the review. I always get the turkey with cheddar on their original bread of course...soooooo good!

I see your Schmaltz is as big as mine!
This is the Schmaltz's to go to. It's open later, it's cleaner than the downtown location and it has always seemed more laid back, like I can take a little time pondering whether I can devour a cup of soup in addition to a huge sammich or not.

Now, let's talk about that sammich. The Schmaltz has pretty much everything I want in a sandwich, just with a couple things I always ask to leave off (tomato and olive--no thanks). The bread is fantastic. It's substantial enough on the outside to keep your sandwich from falling apart, yet soft enough on the inside to soak up all the different flavors of the sandwich like a sponge. The garlic butter and combination of cheeses make it truly divine.

They never skimp on the mayo when I ask for lots of it, too, and they actually put it on the sandwich when it's being made. Sandwich shops can always point you towards the bin of extra mayo packets when you ask for a condiment that's not usually on the sandwich, but let's be honest, it's a serious pain to disassemble a pile of meat, cheese and other treats that has been oozing and melting together into one solid mass of food. Reconstructing a sandwich after breaking the mortar-like bonds of the cheese that's holding it together is near impossible. Your sandwich can never be as tightly-packed together as it would be if you hadn't had to take it apart to add mayo. It's the little things like putting enough mayo to drown Quebec on in the sandwich construction phase that count, dude.

Consequently, the Schmaltz (add lots of mayo, take off tomatoes and olives) in all its gooey, buttery, mayonnaisey glory is the best dang sandwich in Waco.

I love their soups as well. The Wisconsin Cheddar soup usually rounds out my cheese-and-mayo-fueled laugh in the face of artery-clogged death. It's basically a big, creamy bowl of cheese, and best eaten with a bit of hot sauce mixed in. They usually have at least the regular and the jalapeno Tabasco on hand, too. Like I said, it's the little things that Schmaltz's doesn't forget that makes it awesome.

I swear their bread has something addictive in it, because it is so so good. The Schmaltz sandwich is my favorite, but all the sandwiches are good. I find the soups can sometimes be a bit 'gloopy', but who needs the soup when the sandwich is so good? Schmaltz's could only be better if they delivered.

Blue Plate Special is extra special
I like sanwiches. All different kinds. But the 'Schmaltz' is just so good. The combination of meats, melted cheeses, and buttery bread all slightly warm & toasty and topped with the black olives is just out of this world tasty! Anytime a place has a sandwich named after them on the menu must be tried at least once! For those who have not experienced this Waco jem are missing out. The Blue Plate special consists of the 'Schmaltz' sandwich, chips, and rink for a reasonable price. I personally prefer to order the large sandwich and save half for another meal so I can savor it more. This is another place I bring my out-of-town friends. Love it! And this location is open for dinner while the other closes after lunch.

The Only Sandwich I Have Ever Craved!
I've been going to Schmaltz's in the Town West center as long as I can remember! I've only had their namesake sandwich, The Schmaltz. Original bread is the way to go if you ask me. Their soup is great too! I can recommend the Wisconsin Cheddar and Broccoli Cheese.

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