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Extremely Satisfied!
I had Jasper's for the first time today. In fact, I finished consuming the last bite of my pecan pie no more than an hour ago. I ordered the Big Creek (chopped beef brisket with 2 ribs. no sides.) Since the Big Creek comes with no sides, I had to get a pecan pie, right? I mean, what's the point of eating delicious barbecue if you don't get to finish it off with something sweet?

The ribs were amazing. I'm hesitant to eat ribs usually because I've had too many that I need to fight with the bone for the meat. Not these. The meat came off the bone with such ease. Perfectly seasoned and lightly coated with sauce (I don't like 'em dripping all over the place.)

The brisket was good, but what set it off was the gravy, sauce, jous, whatever you want to call the bowl of liquid goodness that it came with. Without hesitation, I topped a slice of bread with a pile of brisket, a few pickles and some onion strips, then folded it up (taco style) and let it dip its legs in the delicious pool of awesome. Feeling I committed a sin against Jasper, I confessed my action to the owner, only to find out that's how you're supposed to do it!

The pecan pie was really good. Tasted homemade. I've had better but it doesn't influence my rating. It's not like it's called Jasper's Pecan Pie shop.

Friendly atmosphere and service along with amazing eats! They just gained a loyal customer.