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Why has nobody reviewed this place?!
Oh. Em. Gee. Nothing hits the spot in the morning (particularly, after a night at Scruff's [for those of you who don't mind VDs that abound on every surface]) like an elephante burrito. What's even more awesome is they are so unbelievably cheap and filling. Eggs, potatoes, cheese, beans, need I say more? They have quite a few other breakfast items on the menu, but I normally just stick with what I know and love.

And, if after a night of fun and frivolity, you can't seem to make it out of bed past 11AM, there is plenty on the menu as far as typical Mexican food goes. My dad once ate the Menudo soup there and said it was pretty tasty, so there's that.

Plus, they have lots of Mexican drinks in glass bottles, which I get super excited about. It's like drinking sugar (sort of like Big Red. Anyone? Anyone?), and I must admit that I do like such a drink every once in awhile (for nostalgia's sake, of course).

Side note: Little pink cake in the display case? Not all it's cracked up to be. Be advised.