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Say cheese ... and yum!
You can sincerely taste the care put into the food in this restaurant/cheese shop. The cheese is outstanding, and they are always happy to let you sample. The grilled cheese sandwich is different every time, as you choose your own cheese. The sandwich is great (try the basil bread) and the fold-over is amazing. It's fun to try the new types of cheese. My new favorite, I'd never heard of until walking in: Caerphilly. Be ready to walk out with at least one type of cheese you want to bring home! This will be on the top of our list of places to take out-of-towners when they visit!

Cute little lunch spot
Like the other reviewer, I found out about the Texas Cheese House from The shop is very well kept but not very big so hopefully it never gets too busy or you will be standing while you eat. They offer a great variety of meals to enjoy many, many different kinds of cheeses. I went with the plain grilled cheese with cheddar. The sandwich was ok but not the best. Bread was even burned on one side.

They also offer lots of desserts and chocolates, along with great gift idea. There is also a lady who makes cakes and cookies and she seemed really nice. I would not go out of my way to eat there again but if you are ever in the Lorena area, give it a try.

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Urkel Would Love It
So I learned about this place off the Waco Win Board, and it sounded really interesting. They are a local eatery and store down in Lorena Texas right off I-35. They make and sell their own cheese, as well as other local cheese manufactures. “Texas Cheese House is dedicated to the principle that excellent cheese is manufactured in Texas.” They also carry local honey (local honey comb is great for allergies), Wiseman House Chocolates, other sweets, oils, and meats from Troy Texas.
They really have a nice selection of items to buy and a nice little menu to choose from. They have your basic grilled cheese to a sirloin sandwich or pizza fold-over. All really fairly priced… most are all below $5. I ordered the Beef Sirloin with Blue, which is Beef sirloin, Veldhuizen’s Bosque Blue Cheese, and South Texas Mesquite Bar-B-Q Sauce in a ¼ baguette loaf. My father ordered their Grilled Club sandwich, which is turkey, ham, Boyaca cheese, bacon and sauce.
So we ordered our food, and while waiting for our food I scanned the store and what all they had. Im sure I could’ve spent $100 real easy in there on cheeses, meats and other stuff they had. So our food and tea arrives, looks delicious… real simple, sandwiches and tortilla chips (jesses of course).
Before we get to the food, lets talk about the tea. The tea is served unsweet, and to sweeten it you got a couple choices- Splenda, pure sugar and “Kelly’s Delight Liquid Sugar”. That last one is a sweetener made locally in Eddy Texas. Its really cool stuff, it sweetens the tea and doesn’t leave all the graininess that you get when you try to mix regular sugar in cold tea. Love it.
Now I try my sandwich. It looks really good, fresh bread, plenty of meat and cheese (can deff smell the cheese) and some sauce. First bite and I really regret ordering a wheat bun, was too overwhelming… that’s my mistake. The meat was nice and tender, good flavor, Im betting it was some of the local beef that they had for sale. The sauce was nice and sweet, went well with the beef and cheese. The cheese was great, had a strong smell and deff strong aroma. Ive never really been a fan of the aroma of Blue cheese (reminds me of ass), but I like the flavor (deff not ass)… kinda weird I know. Could tell the cheese was fresh by the flavor and aroma, was really good. My dad really enjoyed his Club, he’d never had Boyaca cheese before, and said he had to get used to the flavor… but really enjoyed it.
Before we left I decided to purchase one of their goat cheeses for me, the Peach Chipotle, and I picked up some of the white chocolate fudge with pecans for my mom. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am highly anticipating it, and will post my thoughts on it once I dive in.
Overall I had a really nice experience, great food, great service, nice town and customers. Cant wait to go again, well worth the 15 minute drive… which is really nothing compared to the trips Ive taken so far. If you love cheese and small towns, you’ve got to give this place a try.

Part II::
So I finally tried the Goat Cheese I purchased from Texas Cheese House, made by ‘On Pure Ground Dairy’. It was “100% Natural Farmstead Goat Cheese- Peach Chipotle”. It was awesome, great product. The flavors were very well balanced; I could’ve eaten it straight up just by itself. I even gave some to my boss to try and he really liked it. I ended up using it on some homemade pizza I decided to make for dinner…. Turned out to be some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. It was a little on the costly end, but I guess it really wasn’t that bad considering that it was locally made from scratch.

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