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We have heard nothing but great things about this place so we thought we would drive out from Waco to try this place out. When we walked there were several servers standing at the front door and just asked if we were there for Christmas party and we said no but there is 5 of us. Our server Amber was new and was wonderful compared to the others working there. The other servers looked as if they were pissed at the world for having to work a Saturday night, if they dont like it, then quit. Food was ok, but I was hoping for more on the buffet like macaroni and cheese.........
If you go eat, I hope the servers are friendlier and smile. When we left, my sister told the servers standing at the front counter good night and thank you and they said nothing! So not so good of a first time experience.......

The only buffet I will willingly eat in Waco area
I am not a big fan of buffet style places, and this is the only such place I will not give a fit about going to visit when friends and family want to go to a buffet.
The food is good quality, the steak fingers melt in your mouth, some of the best I've ever eaten.
the other items rotate a bit the swiss steak is alright, the smothered pork chop is quite good. The salmon patties are the way I like them, not much salmon flavor(at leas the fishy taste, I like salmon flavor if not overly dirty tasting).
The conbread and rolls brought to the table are nothing to write home about, but the small (and this is key the only good buffet is a small one unless you have HUGE traffic volumes) buffet line for hot foods is very good.
The salad buffet is also small, but good flavorful southern salads, many pickled items like okra, cucumbers, beets, and some others occasionally.

Desserts are not my favorite here but the rest is good enough I rarely want dessert :)

Good home cooking
When it comes to all you can eat buffets, your first thought is the national chains like Golden Corral. However, if you are looking for better quality food, Raymond's is the place to go!

Located right on I-35 in Lorena, it is very easy to get to. Once inside, they have lots of space, which is great for meetings or family. The buffet is very simple with a salad bar, main entry, and desert. My favorite is the chicken fried steak! Dinner comes with homemade rolls and great service.

They only negative I have is the building. Raymond's has been around for a while so it not so new on the inside. However, those are usually the best places to eat!

Great Family Dining
So I stumbled upon this place after visiting Texas Cheese House, it is right off I-35 on the north bound side. It sounded good, cause who can’t pass up real southern cooking, so I went there for my lunch the following week. Before I went to eat there, I did a little research on the place and found out that and it is managed by the long time Waco veteran restaurant manager Raymond Carter; who used to manage Ryan's Cafeteria in Waco.

You walk in it’s a real nice homey place, friendly, and clean. You get truckers, travelers, and people from all walks of life and obviously the locals who know everyone there. Our hostess/waitress, Deborah, was very nice and had that sweet southern accent. She seated us and asked us if we’d like to eat off the menu or the buffet (single meat or all meat combos). We went with the buffet, all meat combo, cause I was hungry and wanted to try a little bit of everything.

The first thing I grabbed was some garden salad with Italian dressing, yellow potato salad, yams, mashed potatoes, and chicken fried steak fingers. All of it was great; the garden was fresh, the potato salad was creamy and had great flavor. The yams were a little different than I’ve had before, the texture was really interesting, but the flavor was there and it was great (I had two servings of them). The mashed potatoes were fresh, not that boxed crap that a lot of places are switching to. The chicken fried steak tenders were excellent, great flavor and there were tender enough to cut with my fork. Next I went and got some of the Chicken N Dumplings, some Liver N Onions, some more of the yams and throw in some steamed broccoli. I love liver n onions, so I can be really picky when it comes to eating them; these were really good, very flavorful and tender. Same with the dumpling; the chicken wasn’t dry or flavorless, and the broth had good flavor and the dumpling were good too.My dad got the same buffet deal I chose and his favorite dish was the fried catfish; had a nice light flaky batter and the fish was cooked nicely. All this just for a little over $20 for the both of us- WHAT A DEAL!

Ill definitely be going back for more of the buffet and to try some items off their menu, like the rib eye steak, their burgers, and a few other items. If you like good quality southern food (and food like Lubys serves) I definitely recommend giving this place a try. Raymonds is only a few minutes outside Waco, and has such a great selection of food for a very fair price, with a great atmosphere and service.

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