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Bring the Bollywood, and do the food truck shuffle

October 14, 2015 | Stephen | Latest News
Tandoori Truck

Waco area residents and WacoFork visitors have been asking for Indian cuisine, and soon they will have just the place to make a new healthy habit.
 I got wind this week of a new trailer coming to the University Parks and Franklin riverside truck/trailer lot, I simply had to follow up.

The Tandoori Trailer is not yet open, but I was able to meet the owners and have a little chat tonight about their cuisine, their goals, and the motivation to bring the Tandoori Trailer to Waco. India is a country rich with culture and family traditions, one of the most cherished being the family recipes and knowledge.

This was richly evident in the sample of Paneer Makhani (also known as Paneer Butter Masala), and the Tandoori Chicken.  I've eaten at a number of Indian and Punjabi restaurants and none have compared to the home cooking I've eaten at homes, until I tried the Paneer Makhanitonight. This is mom's home cooking, brought to you right here in downtown Waco.  
Every bite was bursting with layers of flavor, garlic, ginger, and coriander spiced more than most of the dull generic flavors you may have tried before, but still balanced and mingling on the tongue for a lasting taste. The tandoori chicken was also flavorful and moist and makes a perfect accompaniment to the Paneer Makhni.  While I have not yet sampled the Naan it will be a highlight as they are perfecting the art of cooking on the clay ovens.  
We talked a bit about other dishes to be offered and being a trailer it will be limited putting quality over quantity, even sourcing as many products as possible from local farmers and suppliers in the area. 

There is no firm date yet on when the Tandoori Trailer will be opening on a regular basis, but they are having a soft opening on Saturday October 17th at Noon, and again at 5:30PM. There will be comment cards available and they want your feedback.
Expect a bit of a crowd and a bit of festivity in the air as the WVU vs Baylor game will be in-progress or recently completed at both times. They are preparing for about 250 samplings and food will be available to try as supplies last.

The Food Truck Shuffle

While researching the news of the 'new indian truck' I visited the corner at lunch and found it wasn't open yet but got some contact details and visited the other trucks on the corner.
The Xristo's Cafe had their usual long lines and large crowds at lunch. They have truly developed a following in Waco and it is a great sight to see so many coming out to support them.
I am hoping the addition of the Tandoori Trailer will add to this festive and popular setting, and help it last a bit more through the evening as it will likely stay open later. Frosti Cones and More, serving soft serve, snow cones, steak wraps, chicken wraps and more, is also open until 9pm and later if busy.
If a soft serve filled snowcone doesn't meet your sweet tooth Mrs. Thompson's Most Wonderful Cupcakes certainly will do the job.
Billy Bob's Burgers, the winners of the Texas Food Truck Showdown People's Choice award, offering old fashioned hamburgers are on site now, and just tonight a new BBQ trailer was parked on a new pad and will be opening soon.
The 900 Degrees Pizzeria has currently left the premise and will be moving over to the Magnolia Market truck parking zone when it is fully open. No timeframe is announced yet for this move to be complete.