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Burnt naan
I agree with the other review that they continue to burn the naan. It is not indian style to burn the naan to a disgusting black char all over the back. I enjoyed the entree but definitely not the burnt naan.

First time/last time
I have eaten Indian food all my life and this is the worst I have ever had! To call it Indian is a joke. The rice had no seasonings at all, normally it would be very flavorful. There was no gravy (sauce) on anything, very dry. The Tandoori chicken was fatty. We had to scrape the burn of off the bottom of the Nan bread. If I could give minus on stars I would.
Owner's reply


I will address several issues here.
"to call it Indian is a joke" - No, it is authentic and it is good.

"The rice had no seasonings at all, normally it would be very flavorful. " - it is simple steamed rice, this is not a biryani. It is sold as, and is, very simply steamed rice.

"no gravy (sauce) on anything, very dry." - The Paneer Makhani has a cashew nut based sauce and until last week was the only dish with a curry (the 'sauce' is the curry), the Tandoori chicken is not a sauce based dish, it is yogurt and spice marinated chicken. The curry chicken is a new dish that is chicken + a curry sauce, it is very cumin and coriander based, maybe a bit overly so, but it will be tweaked.

"Chicken was fatty" - I've not had that in my 4 times having the dish, but it is possible, it is not however regular. I'd rather have fatty than dry.

"burn off the bottom of the naan" - That is authentic tandoori cooked naan, which is the way it would be in India. Tandoori Naan is cooked on one side in a clay oven and one side gets more cooked than the other and it creates a great textural flavor and crispness when eaten together.

We've all got our opinions, you are certainly free to yours, but I've seen no reason to even remotely give negative stars, the dishes offered are created quite well and work. The menu is limited but are as described and named, and the flavor is very authentic.

This coming from someone that cooks Indian at home, works with 15+ Indians on a daily basis, make my own paneer from local milk, grow and buy whole spices to dry, toast and blend for my own curry sauces and create high spice level masalas and vindaloos to enjoy. I miss not having a tandoori oven, and enjoy having that experience at the Tandoori Trailer.

Note: this is not the Owner's reply, this is Stephen, who creates content for the site, and reviews various places around town, some of which do not make it here to WacoFork.

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