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Will Fat Ho Burgers Live Up to the Hype?

March 24, 2011 | Chad Conine | Around Town
Burger-craving patrons waited in a long line to taste Fat Ho Burgers during the restaurant's first week in business.

The last time a fat ho generated this much buzz …

Well, insert your own punch line if you wish. I'm not touching it. But I'm a little fascinated with the sudden explosion of Fat Ho Burgers on 12th Street. I drove by on my lunch break today just long enough to snap a photo. There's no way I'm waiting in a line that long for a burger, especially with known quantities readily available at Captain Billy Wizzbang's, Kitok's, Dubl-R, Health Camp, Cupps, Griff's, Tom's, Gerik's (do I really need to list more? Because I can).

Fat Ho proprietor Lakita Evans chose the restaurant's name to generate attention. Kudos to her. Good move. If nothing else, Fat Ho has had the biggest opening day impact of any restaurant since Hooters came to town a few years ago.

I'm hearing mixed reviews of Fat Ho so far. But I'm not going to pass judgement on any restaurant based on its first week in business. Ultimately, if Evans offers up good burgers, Fat Ho has a chance to make it. It's got proximity to Baylor going for it. And its uber-urban moniker fits in nicely so close to downtown.

Let's be clear, wacofork is pulling for every restaurant in town to be successful by offering tasty food and a fantastic dining experience. If a restaurant can do that AND manage to ruffle the feathers of conventional stuffiness, then that's even better in my book.

So you go, girl.