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Fuego rocks
Prefer it to Torchy's easily

Decent Lunch but awful breakfast tacos
I had gone to Fuego for my second time this morning. I had been there last week and was impressed with their brisket taco and decided to try their breakfast taco. Myself and my roommate ordered 2 sausage & egg tacos add cheese going through the drive through window. What we received were sausage and egg tacos with onions instead of cheese. The eggs were extremely runny and the sausage was not very good. Honestly they were the worst breakfast tacos I may have ever had. As much as I liked their brisket bbq taco I hated their breakfast enough that I threw it away after a couple of bites. So avoid them for breakfast as it is the worst I have ever had. Not only did they screw up a simple order the food itself was sloppy and inedible.

On Fuego
There are restaurants Waco certainly needs. Prior to going to Fuegos I would have thought that the Waco market is plenty saturated with Mexican food restaurants. However, Fuego trumps all of the other talk to places I have been to, and I have been to their homemade tortillas are to die for, their queso is on point, and the tacos I will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Moreover, the service is excellent in the environment is welcome. I live in North wake you but would be more than willing to make the trek across town until the one by Baylor opens up.

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