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Finally, South Asian food in the 254.
As an Indian food addict, I was always slightly irritated that a town of Waco's size didn't have an Indian restaurant. But as of January, Al Miraj has finally opened! It's listed as a "Mediterranean" restaurant, which is partly true. They actually serve food from seven different cultures, which I think might be a bit of a stretch. But they do it fairly well. I ate a falafel wrap with a mediterranean sampler appetizer plate. It was good. A tad bit pricey, but not over the top. The falafel is spicier than you'd expect, which is a good thing, and more flavorful than that of D's. They also gave us some complimentary chai tea. I talked to the owners for a while about their plans for the restaurant; since Waco has a sizeable South Asian population, they'd like to eventually have a vegetarian menu and source their food organically. Which would be a fantastic thing for the Waco food scene. There is also a hookah lounge attached to the dining room, so if you want to smoke shisha without having to hang out with the freshly-18 high school kids at 40 Thieves, Al Miraj is your place. Next time I'll be trying their more Pakistani food, which I bet will be fantastic.

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