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It is, what it is..the O.G.
I give this a good rating, and I can 'cause I am the reviewer, unlike those that give a rating with NO review. Lame.
I have gone to this O.G. since it made landfall on Waco Drive. I have always been satisfied with the food and service, except on a few and far between occasions. It IS a chain, so it should be consistent at least and it is.
We went this past Sunday and beat the after church crowd (our preacher was really fast this time, unlike usual) so we didn't have the long wait that usually accompanies the first Sunday Baylor is back in session.
It was neverending pasta bowl week..YAY! I don't know why I like that since I can never eat more than one serving...
I had the new Roasted Mushroom Parmesan sauce. A creamy parmesan sauce with roasted mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.
I had it with a shell like pasta, but should have opted for a linguine or angel hair as the pasta was too thick for the sauce. But the sauce was good and tasty.
My hubby had the Pizzaiola Meat Sauce. A pizza-inspired red sauce with Italian meats, mozzarella and fontina cheese. It really did taste like pizza, it had pepperoni and sausage and had a kick of red pepper.
The breadsticks were hot and fresh, but the salad was so-so. They have gone back to mostly iceberg (they were adding alot of romaine at one time) and as anyone who reads my reviews knows, I detest iceberg. It could use more tomatoes and olives as well. That was a disappointment.
Otherwise, we had a very satisfying meal and some to take home!

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