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Best Italian style food in the Waco area
My husband and I have been here many times. Like the review title says, this is the best local Italian food. The owners are very accommodating, so lately we have been getting a white pizza with sliced tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, shrimp and fresh basil. On a thin crust it is absolutely amazing. And only about $20! Bring your own bottle of wine and have a great meal.

This isn't fine dining. It's a family restaurant that cooks up fresh made to order reasonably priced tasty food. Don't pass it by!

This is NOT Italian Food
If you are looking for good, authentic Italian food, this is NOT the place to find it. I am part Italian and grew up on Italian food so I don't expect all Italian restaurants to live up to my strict standards. However, even Olive Garden comes closer to Italian food then Luigi's. They really should consider promoting their restaurant as something other than Italian.

One of my favorites
A simple place with quality food. The owners are from Kosovo but do great Italian. The place is an old pizza place with wooden booths but the food is very well done. The manicotti, lasagna and chicken piccata are particularly good but my favorite is shrimp alfredo is a smooth alfredo sauce with large crisp shrimp. This is the kind of place where the owners are busy cooking in the kitchen so the quality is high and consistent. Beikim's Special is their signature dish. I highly recommend this place. It's just a short drive to McGregor and makes for a relaxing evening.

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