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Following up on Amici's
I had visited Amici's shortly after the transition from Mama Baris. My previous review was a bit critical, and after further visits, I felt the need to follow up with another review that shares my improved opinion. I have now visited Amici's several times over the past six months - usually for pizza, salad, calzones, or the occasional pasta dish. As a vegetarian, I really can't speak to the quality or value of the meat entrees and burgers. I can say that I feel the Amici's team has worked out many of the transition bugs and is now delivering one of the best values in the area for classic Italian fare. There are other establishments that can possibly boast a better pizza, but not a better pizza value.

I have to assume that my earlier mixed experiences were just attributable to transition pains. I definitely think that Amici's can be considered one of the brighter spots in Waco's restaurant scene.

Baris to Amici's - Lateral Move at Best
After the transformation of Mama Baris into Amici's we waited about a week for the crowds to subside and the staff to get in the grove. Unfortunately, our party of three was not seriously impressed with the dining experience. The service was OK, and the food was not bad - it just wasn't anything special.

Most of the original Mama Baris menu lives on with the addition of more steak and fish dishes. Prices for the old favorites are basically unchanged. On this visit our table ordered Tortellini, Spagetti, Pizza by-the-slice, and a couple of the salads formerly known as the "Baris Salad." The salads were good - it was the pasta that was lacking - just flat and flavorless.

I will definitely give them another chance, but I don't plan on stepping up to any of the more expensive items on the menu until I see some evidence of improvement.

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