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It's good!
Glad to have Carl's Jr back in Texas! I love the offerings they have, before I moved to Waco I lived in Troy, and would often make the trip just to relive my "Hardee's" days. I think the char-broiled burgers are very good!
Vanilla Briceby

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Standard fast food fare
My physique has yet to really show it, but I actually try to avoid fast food as much as possible. (With Chick Fil-A being the natural exception). But I was in a rush today and decided to stop by Carl's Jr., one of Waco's latest fast food options.

I don't know what I was expecting, and yet I got exactly what I should have expected. (Make sense? It did to me). I ordered a Western bacon cheeseburger combo, and what I received was the standard fast food burger fare, complete with the soggy bun and the oversalted fries. To me, Carl's Jr. was comparable to what you'd find at Burger King.

And there are times when such a burger may be exactly what you're looking for. However, if you have the time, I'd suggest hitting up Health Camp, Dubl-R or Tom's instead.

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