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As a wise cartoon named Gir once said, "I love the little tacos."
As far as taco trucks go, this one is among the best in Waco. You don't need to suffer through crappy, overpriced fairgrounds food with this gem nearby. Likewise, if you ever get the munchies at Hemingway's, bringing in an order of tacos to share will make you the hero of the day.

The selection of meats at this taco stand would please The Zimmern. Even though the beef and chicken are fabulous, this is the place to try the less common stuff like trompita or campechanos.

Fortunately for those of the gringo persuasion, there's a nice translation up on the side of the trailer of what all the meats are. The person working the window usually knows enough English to understand your "I barely made a C, dude"-level Spanish.

The meat is always tender and flavorful. The tortillas are always warmed to perfection. Con cilantro y cebolla is the way to order 'em. The salsas are decent. They've got the good sugary Mexican Cokes and other soft drinks, too. There's usually a couple tables out, or if you'd rather eat indoors, you can always take it to go. Just don't eat in my car, please?

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