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Drive In Walk Up
For the next 3-4 weeks, I’ll be eating out a lot more. Finally having the kitchen totally revamped; new floor, new appliances, new lighting, new walls, cupboards, counter-top…. new just about everything. Once it is done, it should be really awesome. Today was the start of it… started ripping up part of the floor boards. So pizza delivery for dinner, cereal for breakfast and for lunch I tried Lee’s Drive-In.

You can find this little joint over off Elm, right behind Jasper's BBQ. In this little square half block you can get the best of both worlds- BBQ and Greasy Goodness. Lee’s is a literal drive in—not drive though, not walk in… you actually drive up, park, get out and go place your order at the window. They give you a ticket, and then you either go back to your car or chill out side till they call your number over the speaker. Pretty nifty.

They have your basic menu; Burgers, ham & cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, Korny dogs, fried fish, etc. Also got cookies, sodas, and shakes. One of their newer items, which seemed really interesting, is Chicken Tails. I love chicken tails, Ill snag them at work every once in a while when our rotisserie chickens still have their tails. But I was in a burger mood today; ordered me a cheese burger with mayo, lettuce and pickles with a side of fries.

On the way home I notice the bag my burgers in is starting to get a grease spot… always a good sign. Got home and dug in. It smelled great, just like a burger should. It was a pretty dang good burger; the meat was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy with great flavor. The veggies were fresh, the bun was nicely toasted and something about the mayo was really interesting. The mayo had a light golden hue to it, and was really sweet. I wonder if they mixed honey mustard or something else into it… but it was really good. It was a pretty tasty burger, and will definitely being going back for another one. The fries were your run of the mill plain fries that need salt, pepper and a little ketchup. Next time I go I really wanna try their Chicken Tails and maybe one of their shakes.

So over all it was a pretty good meal. There aren’t many burger joints in that part of town, so if you are every down there and craving a burger, hit them up. Just something a little different than usual.
---And Ill update this once I try the Chicken Tails and whatever else I might try next time.

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