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Listen on the other side of the drive-thru mic.
I like Starbucks. And I have nothing to say about their products. I'm a faithful customer.

But I will talk about the workers for a moment.

I'm not gonna lie...I have issues. There I said it.

Weekly, I head for the drive thru and order my weekly pound of coffee. I order the same thing: a pound of whole bean Goldcoast.

Almost 99% of the time, my order is met with this statement: "Would you like that ground?"

Do you see anything wrong with this? "whole bean Goldcoast."

I think what bugs me most is I took the effort to be efficient in my order and yet the person on the other end...for some reason...NEVER hears the phrase "whole bean".

Now, I'm not a sensitive person...but I'm really starting to feel unheard by the Starbucks barista people.

Dear Starbucks Barista people...listen to every word a drive thru customer says. It's really ok to do listen.

When I say "whole bean"...don't ask me if I want it grounded. If I did, I would have said "can I have a pound of Goldcoast."

Ok. I feel better now.

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