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I really liked this place. The food was warm and tasty and it came out quick. However, I should point out how terrible the egg roll was because the taste was so shocking, I wanted to warn people.
It was awful. I felt like I was eating a roll stuffed with some papers. Normally when I eat egg rolls, I can actually feel the ingredients they contain, like carrots, cabbages or chicken. Even if I don’t know what ingredients it has in it, it is possible for me to arrange some ingredients because whenever I take a bite, chew and swallow I can taste them. This one I couldn’t. When I first took a bite, the outer part was so tough that I had some trouble ripping it. Then I started chewing. I could feel some crispiness, but I couldn’t find out what it was. Everything was mixed. The mix was totally different from the mix I expected. I expected something like pizza; ingredients were all put together, but you could verify the different ingredients. However, this egg roll was like a fruit juice; every ingredient put in the mixer and literally mixed into one. I don’t know whether the vegetables were fresh or the meat was soft because I couldn’t find out. The taste was so weak and flat that it tasted like nothing. This is why I described as a roll with some papers in it. I had a bite and left it on the plate.
Except for the egg roll, everything else was okay. The price was reasonable and other food was tasty. I would recommend this place, but definitely not the egg roll.

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