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Golden Delicious
So today was a lovely day outside and I had it off from work, so I decided to smoke a couple racks of ribs. Got up early and started them around 8-8:30, and smoke them low and slow. While smoking them I decide to read a new BBQ I got about various BBQ joints rather than focus on recipes. Well a few hours in, I was getting hungry and didn’t want to cook anything or drive too far to pick something up.

Well I remember seeing an interesting fried chicken joint over on Franklin just a couple blocks away. Actually I’ve known its been there for a couple years now, I just haven’t bothered to go over them. Well today is the day I finally decided to try it out.

So I prep my smoker to allow me to leave for a few minutes to hop on down a few blocks and pick up a quick bite. As I pull in I have 3 cars follow me in an 2 leaving, so they definitely have steady business… as this is how I’ve always seen it there… decently busy. They have a fairly decent menu, much like most fried chicken places, but they also have catfish and some other odds and ends. I decide to the #1, which is 3 pieces of chicken (I got 2 huge thighs and 1 drumstick) and 3 rolls, I also had them throw in a side of their cole slaw. This all came out to be around $5.50, which is not a bad price not at all.

I get home with my food, grab a vanilla coke, check on my ribs… then pop down to eat my lunch. From first looks, the skin is nice and golden, not greasy and seems crispy. The rolls looks nice and fresh. The cole slaw is creamy and fresh. First I try the slaw, the veggies are fresh and crunchy, the sauce is creamy and sweet (with a flavor at the end that is still baffling me), and its one of the best cole slaws I’ve ever had. Next I tried the roll, its your basic dinner roll, but it was nice and fresh…. not all dried out like some places serve. Last but not least I tried the chicken. The first piece I tried was the drumstick. The skin is nice and flavor full, not greasy at all, with a slight crunch to it. The meat is extremely juicy (not at all dry) and nearly perfectly cooked and had a nice fresh chicken flavor. This goes for the thighs as well. The chicken was just extremely well cooked and needed no seasoning to give it flavor. This is some of the best deep fried chicken Ive ever had, and I mean ever. Most places serve overcooked and dry chicken, or chicken that’s overly bland or overly seasoned.

I will definitely be going back for more chicken and slaw, as well as to try their chicken tenders, potato salad and even catfish. So if you are ever in the downtown are, I highly recommend for you to give them a try one day for lunch. Yum!

Looks can be deceiving.
I live in the 254 since 1994 and I've always driven by...presuming what might go on in that little A frame structure. When you're judgemental, the only person it screws is you.

Dang these wise old men can fry some yard bird. It ain't ghetto fried Church's. And it ain't sexy metro chicken like Caine's. It's COUNTRY chicken. Like my Texas grandma used to fry up when me and PawPaw went fishin on Lake Livingston.

I can't be sure, but I think they even cut up chickens on their own. None of that premade nonsense.

The batter is simple and crispy. But not too crispy and defintily not caked on. IT's just right.

So if you want some real fried chicken without all the bells and whistles and recipe options and spicy or mild and original blah blah blah....go here. It really is Waco best kept Fried Chicken secret. And the best part is the people are just so dang friendly.

To Crispy Chicken!

Best Chicken in town
Excellent food, friendly service and a genuine care for others!!

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Best Fried Catfish
This is the place to get the best fried catfish.

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