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I love Bush's Chicken like Gonzo loves Camilla.
Okay, maybe not that much, but it's superb for quick, tasty fried chicken. The crispy coating on the chicken is flaky and wonderful. The rolls are so fluffy that they make my Puffalump feel inadequate. The sweet tea is by far the best in town. And that mac and cheese? Heaven. Fatty happy cheesy heaven in a cup.

Give me an order of Bush's and a bottle of Tabasco and I'll be happy. This Bush's tends to sneak in an extra tender or two into your!

The only drawback to this sweet fast-food chicken goodness is that the drive-thru is genuinely bizarre. I never quite know when to pull up, what lane I should be in or if I'm going to accidentally mow down a carhop bringing out food. I keep wondering where the "Keep Clam" sign is, because Ivar's is the only other place I can think of with as weird an ordering system as this.

I guess it works, though, since my food always comes out pretty quickly.

Mmm, chicken.

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