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Good BBQ, close by!
I think the guy that says Michnas is Dumb, needs to get an education. The Que is pretty good. I love their sausage, and their Ribs. The buffet at lunch is a great option for the big eater. They have all the popular meats on it, and are more than happy to cut fresh if needed.

Their gut buster is pretty good(Their version of the Gut Pack), and is on special on Thursdays. They will make it pretty much anyway you want it. A good place to go for lunch!

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Michna's is really dumb...Fo Real!
Seriously I went in because I think it had a smoking gun or something in the front. That is NOT barbecue. It all tastes canned and over cooked in there. When I ate there the one and only time, I really felt like I was eating at a really crappy hospital cafeteria. I mean the old Hillcrest cafeteria destroyed Michna's. Maybe it's time that someone told Michna's that it's ok to retire...Fo Real.

Love it!
Some of the best barbeque in town...MUCH better than Uncle Dan's! Great buffet...and the buttered potatoes are to DIE for!

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