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Great Family BBQ
The Eyes of Texas are Upon You
Part 9

So one of my best friends told me about this place a couple weeks back, and that I really need to try it. She raved about the food and about the people who own it, so I figured I would give it a try.
Me and my dad decided we would go there for lunch today, he apparently has been before back when he was a mail carrier for the USPS and how packed this place gets when Baylor is in session… always a good sign.
It’s a nice small building, what you one might call a “hole in the wall”… but those are usually the best. So we go in and are greeted by the owners and workers. There is a lady in front of us placing an order and another gentle man sitting down chowing on some bbq. I look over the menu; they have brisket, sausage, hot links, ribs, chopped, sandwiches, beans, yellow potato salad, chips, cookies, cake, and plenty of drinks to choose from. I decide on the two meat plate with Ribs, Brisket and two orders of potato salad, since I don’t do beans. My dad goes with the rib plate, beans and potato salad.
So we sit down and the first thing I try in the potato salad. The PS is very smooth and creamy, almost like mashed potatoes, very little mustard is used and a little bit of sweet relish is used to make it sweeter than “Bite.” I liked it. Next up is the ribs, covered in their BBQ sauce. The meat was tender, came off the bone very easily… but wasn’t over cooked so it still had a little crunch to it. I would’ve like to have been able to taste the meat pre-sauced, so I’ll have to request that next time I go. The sauce though was pretty good, a “thin-ish”, sweet, tomato based BBQ sauce. Last but not least I tried the sliced brisket- was tender and had great texture. Again it was covered in the sauce, so Im not sure how it tasted alone… but it was still really good. I’m sure if either meat had a bad flavor it would’ve shown through the sauce. So overall I really enjoyed the food and polished off my plate.
While we were sitting down eating, a man who was is a member of the Army National Guard came in to grab a bite. My dad noticed it and the guy noticed my father’s Airborne cap. So while I finished up, that discussed the Iraq, the heat over there, and how he is still under “contract” for the guard for another 2 years. Real nice guy, really glad to be back home for a while. Before we left we chatted with the owners for a min or two about the weather and whatnot. Real nice couple…
I will definitely be going back again to chow down on some more BBQ, and highly recommend you go give them a try. Support your local businesses and enjoy some quality BBQ. Tell’em DavieG sent ya ;)

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