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Easy tasty lunch
Friendly staff that was very active and willing to help. Smaller lunch crowd on weekdays. Walk in and go down the line of food. I had chicken and dumplings, which was solid. Meat loaf and pork chops were also available. The sweet potato side was very good. In and out in 30-40 minutes for about $8.50

Maybe it will get better
I wanted to like Sascee's, I really did! I'll start with the positive. They are really nice folks. Everyone in there was super friendly. The catfish was really good. It's a quick lunch.

This was my second visit, my first was at lunch last Sunday, where I found they didn't open until 1PM. In Waco. On a Sunday. There was a decent crowd in there. We were offered a great explanation on how it works. I chose a 2 meat plate, brisket and catfish. Sausage links and ribs were also on the buffet line. Beans and greens wrapped up my plate. I asked for tea to drink, they only have sweet, and it tasted bottled. Way too sweet. There were no sauces other than tartar. The brisket could have used some BBQ sauce, it was tasty but a little dry. I like cocktail sauce with my catfish, I was offered catsup and I would have been fine if I they had Tabasco, but they didn't have that either. I would have liked some pepper sauce for the greens as well. We were also given a basket of cornbread, it was that cakey sweet stuff.

Everything had promise. I will definitely give them another shot after they have been open a little while longer. Hopefully they will have a chance to work out the kinks. We all know that Waco typically doesn't give you too long to fix up though.

Again, I give it an average rating because I can taste the good. I just hope it comes in time.

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