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Maggy Dby

Step in the right direction
I went in during a non happy hour. The decor is really nice and the ambiance set by the background music is somewhat trendy. I didn't eat anything here just ordered drinks. I ordered an old-fashioned first. The bartender I got didn't muddle bitters or dissolve sugar the person put the ice in first which is a mistake.

I don't mind paying $10 or $8 when I get a decent cocktail. I didn't get a decent old fashioned.

I wanted a millionaire. The variation of the recipe I desired had absinthe in the recipe which they didn't have.

I then ordered a fuzzy navel. It was sweet and tasty but that's pretty simple. I might go back to check out the food selections but I won't return here for a cocktail unless it's during a "happy hour" setting. Waco desperately needs a serious cocktail bar.

Swanky seems to be a good adjective to describe the new bar at Hotel Indigo. The cocktails were good, and generously poured. The atmosphere was nice, and although it feels more upscale to me there were people in jeans and tee-shirts as well as suits.

The appetizers were tasty, although the toast points paired with crab salad seemed out of place. The crab begged for something more giving than a hard piece of toast, and the plentiful helping of crab didn't go far on four slivers of toast. The cheese plate was fabulous though! Great portions and great cheese.
Dinner was good. Not great, but certainly above average. I had the house burger, and it was a little lacking in something special to put it apart from any other burger in town. Our whole party enjoyed the house chips.
I look forward to going there again and would recommend it to friends, I just hope next time the menus aren't just fresh of the printer and stapled together.

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