byverymandy, January 8, 2012
It might seem bizarre for me to recommending a restaurant that is located inside of a gas station/convenience store but this is some fine home cooking, you guys. I am not kidding. We heard about it through word-a-mouth and my husband are I decided we had to try it. We were not disappointed. We have brought friends there too in order to try the food. It is sort of like a "letting you in on a secret" thing. It is so good. Apparently a lot of people swear by this place and I am one of them. There is pork chops, chicken-fried steak, hamburgers, pies, and more. The onion rings are the best! I was very surprised to not see a Griff's review up here so I decided to throw one up.
byverymandy, June 21, 2011
We choose Happy Wok for our Chinese Take-Out. It looks family-owned. We've never had a problem with our order (or gotten sick). They have nifty metal bowls with secure lids that are packed with Chinese yumminess. It at least tastes like they make it to order. The vegetables taste fresh/ crisp. Their prices can't be beat and they have a great lunch menu. The tea is really good too... there's a fruity taste to it! It is unusual and good. Yay Happy Wok.