bybex, March 28, 2012
Clay Pot
I know it's cliche to review Clay Pot, but it's cliche for a reason: Clay Pot is awesome. I always get the pho soup or clay pot on the lunch special. Both with tofu. The special also comes with spring rolls and tea. Everything you need for $5.99 is in that quaint pink restaurant. The service is always cheerful and quick. I would recommend this place to anyone.
bybex, March 4, 2012
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Between registering a username and actually writing this review, I proudly inhaled the second half of my elephante burrito.

The elephante is so tasty, it could and should be eaten at every meal. It is also quite large, so I always try to insert a couple hours between start and finish. That way it can at at least feel like I gave it the dignity of being truly savored.

For $4.50, you really won't be disappointed. Unless you are, but you won't be.