bySuspence2012, October 23, 2012
There are many restaurants that call Waco, Texas their one and only home. However there is nothing like the old American traditional cuisine available at Health Camp. Do not be deceived by the name of the restaurant. Health Camp cannot be considered to be anything close to healthy.
Health Camp serves greasy burgers with french fries and the best milkshakes this side of the Mississippi. This continues to be a great restaurant because since 1948, they stay true to the American way. They serve the type of food our country calls our own. They do not try to sugar coat any of the food with new “low-trans fat” ingredients. It tastes exactly like what one would receive at an old diner. Further, Waco is home to Baylor University and the pride in the University is a very important aspect of the Waco community. Health Camp unashamedly shows its pride for the Bears.
I enjoy the old-time feel that Health Camp provides, but the cleanliness and bathrooms should not look like as they do. The tables are rugged in some places, and the bathrooms look like they should have caution tape on the outside of them. Good thing customers generally go to a restaurant for the good food, not the bathrooms.
Health Camp is a Waco heirloom that has been around since 1948. They provide an old-time feel, with great American food. The restaurant can lack cleanliness at times, and can sometimes be overpriced. No matter what, Health Camp will remain a restaurant all Wacoans will continue to frequent. It almost seems to be a tradition. Like seeing a legend perform on stage, they are not what they used to be but seeing them is a treat in itself. Health Camp may not be what it was in 1948, but with its history and character it is a place that many will continue to patronize religiously.