What can I say about Lula Jane's? It's just fantastic. If I could, I would go every morning, get a cup of coffee and a slice of blueberry bread (it's incredible), and read in the corner for a few hours- taking breaks to soak in the glorious atmosphere and chat with the delightful staff.

Seriously. Everyone there is really nice- you'll want to be best friends with them all.

Sometimes you'll look at the menu and think, "Mmm... I'm not sure. That sounds kind of weird." And then then you'll try it and you'll think, "I'm not sure how I ever lived without eating this." Everything they make is delicious.

It is slightly pricey for people on a budget, but it is worth it. You're supporting a great local business, and you're supporting your tastebuds.

Things that I love: blueberry bread, blueberry pie, breakfast burritos, scones, and every lunch item I've ever had.

This place is magical. Just go.
The Olive Branch
I know a lot of people that like this place. For this reason, I've eaten here on multiple occasions. And every time, I have been disappointed. Whether it's from a soupy pasta dish, a stale cupcake, or an over-priced and barely there quiche- this place just doesn't seem to measure up to what I expect (and what I pay).

It's cute, though. And it has a nice atmosphere. So I'm hopeful that the next time I reluctantly agree to go I'll finally understand what I've been missing.
Owner's reply


As the owners we are disappointed that our service and quality of food have not met your expectations. We take great pride in making sure every customer leaves our restaurant with a great experience. We would like the opportunity to show you why people love this place. We are willing to offer you a $10 dinner gift card to allow us to give you a personal greeting and to make sure you have a great experience at The Olive Branch. Feel free to email me at jonathan@olivebranchwaco.com to coordinate the gift card.


Jonathan Garza

When I went to the HOT fair in October, I ran into a little booth selling alligator and blasting some great soul music. While I didn't buy their food that evening (I'd already eaten a giant corn dog since it was the fair and all), I did dance with the people at the booth and take home a flyer.

I kid you not- that flyer has been hanging on my wall for the past 4 months.

And now Louisiana Catfish and Chicken is finally open.

My friend found out about it first and went on her lunch break. She brought me some Catfish fillets and hushpuppies. That made me even more excited for my first trip.

When I went, I tried the Catfish tail basket. I didn't realize the tail would come with fins, so next time I think I'd stick to the fillets. It was tasty, but also difficult to eat.

Things that I would definitely eat every day of my life: their french fries and hush puppies. Holy smokes- I have never had such delicious hush puppies. Stop reading this review and go get yourself some hush puppies right now.
Unless it's closed. In which case, get some tomorrow when it opens. Seriously- THEY ARE THAT GOOD.
Also- my friend ordered alligator nuggets, and they were delicious. I'd order those on my next trip for sure.

Things to note: right now, the place kind of has a food truck mentality. There aren't a lot of seating options, and you have to get your drinks in the gas station next door. (Or bring your own.) Also- they're cooking what you order when you order it, so be prepared to wait a little while. But trust me- it's worth it.

I will return to Louisiana Catfish and Chicken.

But I'll stick to things without fins.