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Casa De Castillo


Worst food ever
I hadn't been here in over 5 years, but I remembered it being good. No longer. We had a retirement party here on 9/3/13, eight of us. Not one of us had anything that passed as decent food. Tamales tasted like dog food, the chicken in the enchiladas was canned, mushy and totally taste-less. Someone wanted nachos, but each topping added $$ to the cost? The total for what the lady would have wanted would have been far higher than an entree item. Guacamole was was just mushed avocados, no flavor at all. Wish I had brought my own guac, everyone raves and begs for it. But a Mexican restaurant can't even make decent guacamole? All 8 of us agreed, never again. I'll stick with a Patio TV dinner, it's MUCH better.