User Review

The Ranchito


Breakfast on the go!
I have passed by this restaurant on my way to work each morning and kept telling myself that I should swing by and try the drive-thru breakfast taco special (3/$1.99), so I finally did today. There were three cars ahead of me in line, which was a good sign for good business, and the line moved pretty quickly.

I think there may be an upcharge for cheese, but the price is still good. They offer flour or corn tortillas, so it's a great option for gluten-sensitive diets. I would definitely consider them breakfast "tacos" rather than "burritos," because they are not very big, but the freshly cooked eggs and sausage were second to none. They also provided two kinds of salsa, and the spicy verde sauce will rock your tastebuds!

They have a pretty extensive lunch menu, but that'll have to be a review for another visit.