User Review

Trailhead Coffee Shop at Outdoor Waco


Toys and caffeine!
Most of the other local joints were closed today, so I decided to try out Trailhead. 'Twas a good idea.

First of all, it's in Outdoor Waco--essentially, a toy store for grown-ups. Tons of bikes. Canoe rentals. Outdoor gear. Sweet. I see bike shops like this all around UT, and it's about dang time Waco got one of its own.

Trailhead isn't just a counter in the store, though--it's got its own little nook with seating areas for patrons to sit and mingle.

Most importantly, dude, this is some smooth brew. The "Choo-Choo" was chocolatey without being overwhelmingly sweet, and allowed the coffee flavor to shine through. Me gusta.