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Good place to drop in for a late lunch or an early beer.
Crickets is the first place I visited in Waco, and I have gone back regularly since. I've only lived in Waco for about a year and a half, so I can't speak to a decline mentioned in the other reviews.

This place is really a bar. Don't go in here with an unrealistic expectations of how good pub grub should be. Stick to the burgers/sandwiches. As far as appetizers check out the loaded cheddar fries. The nachos are also good, as they make real, individual nachos. That is, they don't just pour cheese sauce on a pile of chips like it's a tortilla-chip pie, which seems to pass for nachos around here.

But let's get to the real reason to go to Cricket's: the beer. This place has the best beer selection in town and generally the beers are very fresh. Good smattering of styles and regions with a thoughtful emphasis on central Texas beers.