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Red Lobster


I now know why so many people don't like scallops
I ate here during their celebration of crab a month and a half ago, or so. I had the baked seafood(featuring crab) dish. The dish overall was fair, it could have used some seasoning. However upon tasting the scallop, I fully understand why many people do not like scallops, they were horrible, and a BAD example of what a good scallop should taste like.
Honestly reviewing this now, I remember most the piece of corn on the cob that was well seasoned and wonderful in my baked seafood dish. I think there is something wrong with that, if what you remember tasting best, is a piece of corn on the cob!
The crab was uninspiring and just run of the mill, I could get the same thing going to HEB and buying a cluster and throwing in the oven for 15 minutes.

The biscuits aren't even as good as I remembered them from long ago when I last ate at Red Lobster.

There are however quality places to get scallops if you so desire, 135 prime has an entree dish for about $13 that is wonderful, and they have Asian and other presentations with scallops that are also very good and reasonable. If they just had Crab, we'd be set on at least one place in town to eat some decent seafood.