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Health Camp


Okay food + Poor service = One less customer
My wife recently went to Health Camp for lunch a few weeks ago. She'd gone there because of the positive reviews she'd read on various websites, but was so disappointed with her experience.

While waiting in line, my wife read the overhead menu and picked out her order only to discover that the laminated menu that sits on the order counter has many additional items that are not listed (and a shake menu tape on the wall was completely missed by her until after she ordered). My wife said the waitress seemed irritated by the fact that she did not know the menu and exactly what she wanted to order. Furthermore, the price that was quoted to her was $2 less than what was charged to her card (No biggie, just two dollars).

After waiting a short time, my wife's order number was called, but she was only handed her shake and not her burger or onion rings. She thought maybe they handed out the shakes while the other food was being cooked since it's all fresh. Then she noticed that the two customers who ordered after her had received their meals. At this point, my wife was quite irritated but kept her composure as she questioned about her meal status. The waitress seemed perplexed, then visually had an "Aha!" moment as she said, "Oh, we thought you ordered just a shake. We forgot." Then, she preceded to hand over the meal. This additional 10 minute wait may not mean much to others, but to someone with a 30 minute lunch break, that time was crucial.

My wife thought the burger was okay at best, the onion rings could have been skipped entirely. The only saving grace was the shake.

Next time, she (and I) will stick with 5 Guys.