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Why does Waco need another Tex-Mex joint? Because Chuy's.
I must admit that I rolled my eyes when I heard that Waco was bringing in another Tex-Mex chain. We have a billion Mexican places to begin with--what's the point?

That was before I knew what Chuy's was. Chuy's is one of the few places where the things listed as spicy on the menu are actually somewhat spicy. I love the green chile and boom-boom sauces. Even the queso has a little bit of spice to it. The chunky salsa that they bring with the chips reminds me more of pico de gallo, but it's spicy, too.

Then there's that fabulous creamy jalapeno sauce. I hate ranch but somehow love that stuff. I think it's secretly not ranch, but love, jalapenos and unicorn farts crammed into a blender. You have to ask for it, but it's well worth asking for (not to mention buying tubs of to take home). It's good on everything--on chips, on top of your enchiladas, mixed in the queso--everything.

Chuy's has a place in Waco because it's different than your average Tex-Mex place. Sure, the service isn't as good as the one they just opened in Tyler, and it's quite noisy inside, but I need boom-boom and Hatch sauce in my life. Yes. Need.